Girls and women who use drugs are often involved with criminal justice system ending up in police cells and prisons where human rights violation are prevalent. Women who use drugs loose custody of their children to people and institutions. Other times the children of women who use drugs are trafficked. This project therefore works with the justice system to advocate for lesser or probational sentences for women who use drugs. The project links the women to pro bono lawyers.

Further the project works with the children service department to ensure the safety of children of drug users once the women have been incarcerated. The project ensures that once the women are out of the prisons, the children are given back to them.  

The Project organises prison visits to the women who use drugs who have been incarcerated and provides for the necessary sanitary commodities needed in the prisons. It gives support to women who use drugs who have been released from prisons to mitigate drug overdose that occurs after long durations of abstinence from opioids.